Kaiyo - The Lost Nation

A Cliff Cochran Novel // Book 1 of 3


A Message from Cliff…

Kaiyo is a story of family, courage, mystery and possibility. It unlocks a door to a world that many of us have only dreamed. It unleashes a great unknown that, deep down, we knew of all along. I cannot wait for you to be a part of the Lost Nation - enjoy the adventure!

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Kaiyo - The Lost Nation is a great read that held my attention throughout. The author uses a rich imagery that makes it a real page-turner. You won’t be disappointed in this book.

— Gary T.

The Farm

The farm is the center of the action. Located in the western part of Montana and far from neighbors, it is surrounded by deep wilderness that holds magical secrets.


Sneak Peek

This was no ordinary bear.

“Now, Sis, take that one step farther. Open your mind. We’ve been living with black bears and grizzly bears all of our life. Goliath is not just a bear. He thinks ahead. He plans. Grizzly bears just don’t do those things. They can’t. They don’t think that way. But this one does.

Do you really think this is a nuisance bear? Because if you do, then Goliath already has the advantage over you. As for me, the bear is an amazing bear, and there is only one other like it. That’s why Goliath wants to kill him...he wants to kill Kaiyo.”

A GREAT book indeed! I couldn’t put it down. What an awesome job you did with the description and imagination holding my attention. I felt as if I were right there, in the book with them the whole time I was reading it... it is truly an amazing story! Great job!!!
— Linda C.

The Series

Kaiyo Continues

The story of Kaiyo is far bigger than a single book. After revealing his past and present, it became clear we had to explore Kaiyo’s future. The story began when Libby and her father, Sam McLeod, were horseback riding in the wilderness of western Montana. They rescued a bear cub whose mother had just been killed. Libby convinced her father to bring the cub back  home, and that single act would change the lives of many forever.

This book goes far beyond the concept of a special bear and enters into a world of the unknown.

What if Eden was real? What if it remained  a real, tangible place. A place closer than any of us dreamed but purposefully hidden from view. In Eden, animals were not pets or wild beasts; they were our friends. Can a world like that exist?

Journey into the series and find out for yourself. Get the first book today and stay tuned for book 2, Raphael,  and book 3, Defectors to be released soon!

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