Cryptids That Were Real - Myth or Facts?

Are Cryptids Real?

That’s a great question but the title prompts us to another question. What are cryptids? Well, if you’ve read Kaiyo – The Lost Nation, you met a few. If you have read an advance manuscript of Raphael (release date expected to be in October 2019) or Defectors (release date around mid-spring of 2020), then you’ve met a bunch more. But to answer the question, a cryptid is an animal that is claimed by some to exist, but its existence is neither proven nor disproven. Cryptozoology is the study of, and the search for cryptids.

So, maybe you think that’s a lot of words for something that’s fake. But be careful there. Mountain Gorillas, Komodo Dragons, Okapis, and Giant Squids were once thought by the educated classes to be fake. Despite years of sightings by locals, the zoological community refused to accept their existence. It took dead animal bodies to convince them. And, to be candid, can you blame them? There are a bunch of nutty people out there saying they saw something that didn’t, doesn’t or couldn’t exist. After all, solid proof is not too much to ask for. And a dead animal is about the only solid proof that they can accept. Seriously, would you risk your career over sasquatch? Probably not.  

But none of that meant that those former cryptids didn’t exist. Because they were alive and well in spite of certain scientists saying they were fairy tales. The ex-cryptids didn’t care. 

So, what should we believe?

Great question. In everything we choose to believe in, we owe it to ourselves to require solid evidence to support our faiths or our actions. And sometimes we must make a choice between two very contrary positions. Let’s try it. In the case of at least one cryptid, I call it the choice between the two preposterouses (sic). 

“Believe in bigfoot? That’s preposterous. Where’s a body? Show me. Or show a scientist. Or show the press. We have lots of bodies of all sorts of animals. But after exploring and hunting countless millions of square miles of the world’s forests, we humans can’t find a single dead body of a huge, eight-foot-tall, seven hundred-pound hairy, smelly creature? We have bear bodies, deer bodies, moose bodies, ferret bodies and even invisible tiny germ bodies. How could such a huge and somewhat common creature avoid discovery for millennia? The idea that such a large creature could is preposterous.”

That actually makes a lot of sense, right? It does to me. And it’s a fair approach to the question. But there are often two sides to every story. Let’s try the other preposterous. 

“Well, until recently, many ex-cryptids totally escaped official notice and they existed. Maybe it’s Bigfoot’s time. But how do we ignore the thousands of credible sightings, photographic evidence, sound recordings, countless tracks discovered, hair samples and even DNA samples? Do I have to assume that anyone who said they saw a bigfoot is a liar? Or that their imaginations got away from them? To believe that is preposterous!” 

That makes sense too. I also know several very credible people who have had some disturbing and inexplicable experiences while camping and hunting. A lot of hunters and campers will tell you that sometimes there are things in the woods that defy explanation.

So, to answer the question; are cryptids real?

I strongly suspect some are. I also suspect that some have recently gone extinct and some were never real. But the real ones are all a part of God’s creation. And fortunately, some of them get a starring role in the Kaiyo Stories.

Enjoy the adventure!

Cliff Cochran