FAQ's | Kaiyo-The Lost Nation, a Young Adult Adventure Book

1. Is this book only for young adults? 

A: No! Based on readers’ reviews before and after Kaiyo was published, we knew the story had a broad demographic appeal. Kaiyo is a fast moving, gritty adventure with strong characters who relate to young adults, middle aged adults and seniors alike.

2. I’m not a Christian but I’m not opposed; would I still enjoy this book?

A: That’s a great question and the answer is an emphatic yes! All of us who are avid or occasional readers often read and enjoy material from a variety of viewpoints and genres and Kaiyo is no different. Readers know that a good story is always worth reading.  

3. How long did it take you to write?

A: Kaiyo took seven months to write and two more years to edit! I love writing and being a new author, I wrote quickly and had a lot of fun. 

4. How did you choose the genre? 

A: I didn’t but the story did. Crazy, right? When I wrote Kaiyo, the story developed as I wrote. I had a general idea of where the next scenes in the story were going but I didn’t even know how the story would end. I truly believe that Kaiyo needed to be written and I was just blessed to be the one who did it! When the story was completed, we looked at the standard list of genres and “Young Adult Christian” seemed a bit more correct than many of the others.    

5. Are the characters inspired by certain people in your life?

A: They sure are! Each of the characters get their basic personality traits from one or a combination of two real people. But it’s not long before the characters have their own, unique personalities that no longer necessarily resemble the individual that provided the initial inspiration. And it helps to know some amazing people that are very inspiring. 

6. Who is your favorite character?

A: Kaiyo. Maybe Tracker…I do love Goliath too. Seriously, finding a single favorite is practically impossible for me. 

7. Did you ever live on a farm like the McLeod family? 

A: No. I grew up in the burbs of Atlanta. My wife and I briefly lived on a suburban small cattle ranch just after we got married but that doesn’t really count. Other than occasionally putting on big, knee-high boots and pouring out bags of cattle chow in the feeders, I didn’t do much farming. But I needed to know how Kaiyo’s human family, the McLeods, worked and lived. So, I researched everything I could, and I spoke to current and prior farmers, including my wonderful father-in-law who grew up farming and ranching in western Iowa.  

9. Are there going to be more books in the series? 

A: Yes! It wasn’t long after I completed Kaiyo that I started writing the sequels: Raphael and Defectors. Kaiyo is two years older in Raphael and is another two and a half years older in Defectors. As Kaiyo grows up, the stories get bigger and even more dangerous. A reader of the three stories described the trilogy as a single story that “gives life and words to the questions we’ve all had.”  I think she’s right too!   

10. What is your vision for the series? 

A: I don’t see the trilogy (Kaiyo, Raphael and Defectors) as the end of the adventure. I have even written the last page of the last book that is yet to be written. Also, the stories have such rich and interesting characters, both human and animal, that continuing the series seems wonderfully inevitable. 

11. What do you hope this book means to readers?

A: First, I want the reader to have a lot of fun. In the publishing world of celebrity biographies, self-help, business and dozens of other non-fiction books, I want readers to know that it’s also smart to read for fun. Especially if the story can help the reader to wonder about things that are buried deep in their hearts. There are concepts and ideas in Kaiyo that stir our awareness of eternity. So, my hope is that Kaiyo will fascinate the reader and stir their hearts for more.   

Cliff Cochran