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Author Cliff Cochran sees life as the collection of countless sagas that somehow weave themselves together to form God’s plan for creation, redemption and completion. From Jesus’ parables to Shakespeare to modern theatre, the draw is always the story. He focuses on the power of story as an attorney, as a husband and a father of three because life is often best learned that way. 

Kaiyo -The Lost Nation is the result of the many requests, from his now adult children, to build on the foundation of fascinating bedtime and campfire stories. Those stories were told to strengthen their faiths, feed their limitless imaginations, provide insights to their own potentials and to encourage them to see life as an adventure. Now, through Kaiyo - The Lost Nation, these stories have become a single, powerful and memorable tale of a bear, a family, and a force that is bigger than themselves.


Cliff Cochran


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I can’t take my eyes off your book, it’s truly captivating. I couldn’t put it down.
— M. O'Connor

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